Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pinterest Thursday!

Found this cute idea on Better Homes and Gardens.
Love the thought of collecting soil or sand from all your vacation spots!

I think we are all out to find a way to make that awful chore known as:
A bit easier.
This design by Ana White is genius!
She tells you how to build it even. 

My side yard is just rocks. And garbage bins. Super not awesome.
This has me convinced that side yards need loving too.
Too many of us ignore our side yards.
Side yard neglect awareness is my new cause.
Please send donations.

I found the perfect inspiration for what I want my kitchen to look like!
I'm really loving islands that stand out from the rest of the kitchen.

And my favorite this week:
This one repinned like crazy after I pinned it!
I think it applies to many of us out there in blog land.
I thank you.

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