Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pinterest Thursday, from Brytt!

Hey crafty women, I'm Brytt! I have no talent when it comes to food, but these are way too cute.
I stole this nifty idea from my Aunt. Tell me this isn't the perfect Summer party treat?
I like to picture myself out on the patio, drinking lemonade and eating these pretty cupcakes with friends, while sporting this summer dress.
You are all invited, of course!

I'm also loving kitchen window seats right now. This one looks so inviting to me. We can sit there and visit while we eat our pineapple cupcakes, when the sun starts to go down.

I'd also make these and hang them up, because they look so beautifully easy!

Happy Thursday!


  1. So how do you do that with the doilies?

    1. You soak the doilies in fabric stiffner and allow it to dry and harden. :) The pop the ball and remove.

  2. I am in LOOOVE with all of these things! That dress?! Darling!

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  4. This is a good tutorial I found for the doily lanterns. Really easy to make, and I know Mod Podge works well too!