Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pinterest Thursday!-Christine

Found this on Apartment Therapy.
It was an old metal filing cabinet!
Such a neat idea that I might just have to steal!
(Steal the idea, not the actual container.)

I dream of a craft room to call my own!
The thread board here just makes me giddy!
Can't wait to have my own space to work in....hopefully mine will be bigger though.

I just love this saying!
And it is even on a t-shirt.

  This room caught my eye as I was cruising
There are just so many fun elements! 
My favorites:
The glam bench tucked under the night stand.
The little gold elephants on the right side.
The pillows!
The Asian wall hangings flanking the bed.

I'm off to CA in the morning.
So nothing from me for a few days!!
But I have a fun tutorial coming up next week and so does Bryttan. 


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