Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nordstrom Knockoff

the Crafty Woman $15

Supplies Needed:
*Sequin tank* ($7 at Ross)
1/4 yd Satin ($3 at Joann's)
Two 12yd spools of tulle ($2.50 each Hobby Lobby sale)
1/2 yd grey jersey fabric (left over from rug)
needle (hand) and thread
rotary cutter and mat
sewing machine
scissors, tape measure, pins, etc

 *You could make your own tank*

 I bought an adult sized tank, so I had to try it on and play with the sleeves.
 Making sure the straps line up nicely,
cut and sew.

 Measure where you would like your waist to be to the hem of tank.
 Also measure from waist to hem for the skirt.
(Mine was 14 inches)

 Cut bottom of tank off to where you wanted the waist.

 My jersey was a long, skinny piece, so I had to stack them up.
But you want to cut it the width of the tanks hem and 
from the waist to skirt hem measurement. (Mine was 14 inches)
 It'll look like a tube. 
No need to finish off the seams! Yay!

Slip tank inside of skirt WRONG sides touching.
That's right, WRONG sides.
The sequins can make for an itchy seam inside, this will make it soft.
Don't worry, the exposed side will be hidden.
Line up skirt top with tank hem.
Pin and sew.

It'll look really unattractive. Like this:

There are a couple ways to do the tulle:
Gather and make small, occasional pleats.
Double pleats, no gathering. 

I started the first way, thought it was a waste of effort
switched to just pleats, worked out fine. 

 Place your first row so the edge of tulle lines up with hem of skirt.
Pin and sew.

 The next row flip the other direction.
Do this for every row after.
This will help them "stand" out right when you are finished. 
Continue pleating, pinning, and sewing row after row.
I spaced mine 2 inches apart and did 7 rows.
The top row being just above where your waist is.

(Yes, my nail polish did change. I spread this out over two days.)
 Measure how thick you want your pink band.
I decided on 4 inches.
You will want it to be centered with that last row of tulle.

 Measure your width.
Make sure it is from the seams on the shirt.

 Cut a strip of satin TWICE the height of your measurement and the length of the tank.
Mine was 8 inches by 14 inches.
 Also cut one rectangle: the height of band (8 inches) and the length plus 4 inches.
This will be your bow.
Cut: two long strips, 4 inches wide. 
These will be your ties.
Cut: one small rectangle, ~6 inches by 3 inchs.
This will be the wrap around the bow.

I didn't take pictures, oops, but the next few steps are simple:
1. turn long edges of waist band under 1/4 inch, sew.
2. sew a running stitch down the short sides of bow, gather to 4 inches.
3. Sew bow rectangle, right sides together, on 4 sides, leaving room to turn.
4. Sew long sides of ties, right sides together, and one short side. Turn.
5. Sew the long sides, right sides together, of small rectangle together, turn.
6. play with the band/bow and see how tight you want your wrapping piece.
7. sew short sides of wrapping together.

Are you with me?
Here is what that should all look like (minus the ties):
 And the band wasn't gathered yet.

Sew your ties onto dress at the seams, right in the center of where your band will be.
Next you'll slip JUST THE WRAP over the band.
Position the band so that the RIGHT side is touching the right side 
on the BACK of the dress.
Line up with the seams.
Pin and sew.
 Here you can see how it should look when pinned:
  Here you can see how it should look when pinned:

 Once sewn, flip it over the tank and to the front of the dress.
By hand, sew the wrap onto the dress, make sure it is centered.
Slip your bow into place and center.
 Again, by hand, sew bow in place.
Just push the wrap to the side while you work.

And you are done! 
The original was made for a small girl, but my oldest wanted a new "party" dress.
I think it has a cute 80's vibe.

Remember that bottom of the tank we cut off?
It made a cute handbag!
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  1. I appreciate your blog & this tutorial although the font is SO bold it's almost hard to read! I'm using Firefox so it could be Firefox, but everything is so bold!

    1. It appears normal on my screen. What size screen are you viewing? That might be a part of it.