Monday, May 28, 2012

Nordstrom Knockoff-by Bryttan

Today's tutorial is by our own Bryttan! Yay! :) The final addition to the knock off series we created for the Brassy Apples S.O.S. Hope you've enjoyed them! We would love some feed back and pictures of creations you made using our tutorials! -Christine
the Crafty Woman $5
This dress is really easy to make. Seriously! 
It's pretty much just a pillowcase dress. You'll love making it, I promise.

Supplies Needed:
1 T-Shirt of the size you desire. I used an XL and it was the right size for a small 3 year old. 

It was a polyester cotton blend. 60% Polyester and 40% Cotton


Sewing machine
Contrasting fabric for straps and flower

How to:

Measure your model

I measured from shoulder to shoulder. (Mine was 11 1/2")

From the top of the shoulder to the knee. (23")
And from the neck to under the arm. (6 1/2") Add an extra inch under the arm, so that it stays long enough after you fold the top over for the tie. Making it 71/2"
Fold your shirt in half.

Using your measurements, measure from the fold, to the shoulder.
Pin down, and cut in an angle from the shoulder to under the arm.After you have cut that, open up your fabric. You will have a funny looking shape, but it's all gravy. Don't worry.
You will want to start by hemming the arm openings.
Fold the top of the dress over approximately 2" and sew down, making sure to fold toward the wrong side of the fabric so the seam will be on the inside of the dress. This will be where the tie will go.
You can finish the edges if you want, but with a cotton/poly you don't 'have' to.

Sewing the tie:
To sew the tie, cut a long piece of fabric. (Mine was aobut 20")

Sew it into a tube, leaving ends open. Turn right side out.
Thread through neck (where you sewed the casing) on dress, and measure on your model to make sure it isn't going to choke her.
Sew the ends together and tuck inside the neck of the dress.

To make the flower:

This is pretty easy as well. Cut a long, strip of fabric, and straight stitch the strip of the fabric. (Mine was about 19" X 2")

Don't back stitch! Pull the thread to make it ruffle. Does that make sense? I hope so!

Hand stitch the flower onto the front of the dress.

Serge the bottom of the dress if you want it to ruffle.
Otherwise, you can just leave the T-Shirt hem in.

And that's it! Pretty darn simple. 


 (No that is not a 3yr old who is modeling the next two pictures. 
That would be my 6 year old nephew. You read that right, nephew, lol. 
Oh yes, and the 8 year old girl wanted in on it too, of course!)

Thanks Bryttan!
At least we know now that it also works as a cute top for older girls!
And boys. ;)


  1. This is awesome!!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cute! I pinned it on Pinterest. :)