Monday, May 21, 2012

J.Crew Knockoff #3

the Crafty Woman $10

 Supplies Needed:
1 Scarf (or 2 if thin, like mine) -$8 for 2 at Ross
1/2 inch wide, soft sided elastic -$2
rotary cutter and mat
sewing machine
pins, scissors, measuring tape etc

My scarves where thin, so I doubled them up and 
sewed them together along the edges before I started.
This dress was also made for my rather tall 8 year old.
If your girl is shorter, simply cut the TOP off and re-sew together.
Don't cut the bottom, you want that fringe!

Measurements Needed:
 Distance from shoulder to chest (where you want the band)

 Around the chest (where you want the band)

 You may want neck line to where you want the sleeve.
If you have a child with narrow shoulders, you can do a slight gathering to shorten.

Measure how wide you want the top of the V neck.
*Be sure to leave enough room to slip over the head!*

 Cut your elastic .5 in shorter than chest measurement.
Sew into a loop.

Fold your scarf in half, lengthwise.

 Measure down from fold the distance from shoulder to chest.
Pin from the chest down to the hem.
 Most scarves are very thin and flowy.
Use a far amount of pins to help with shifting. 

Sew from chest mark down to hem.
If it is an open weave scarf, sew around hem with a small zig-zag
Turn right side out.

  Fold your Scarf in half, width wise.
Measure from your chest line to half the measurement you made for the V neck width.
Cut from one point to the other.

I failed to take photos of the next step! Oops!

You need to turn the dress wrong side out 
and fit your looped elastic, soft side facing out, along chest mark.
Pin at the seams, then the middle of back and front, then in between each of those.
If you've ever made a circle skirt, this will make more sense.
Now with a wide zig-zag, sew  from one pin to the next,
 stretching the elastic taught with fabric.
Be sure and have a firm hold of fabric on both sides of the needle!
Turn dress right side out.
Finish off neck line by folding under and sewing close to the edge.

 Put on child and play with the V neck, folding and tucking until it is the right depth.
(Front and Back)
Pin, sew in place.

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