Tuesday, May 15, 2012

J. Crew Knockoff #1 (Tutorial)

J. Crew $45

Mine $6

Super easy sew!

Supplies needed:
1/8-1/4 yard Ruffle fabric($10/yd at Hobby Lobby + 40% coupon)
T-shirt in matching color ($4 at Old Navy/Walmart/Target)
Rotary cutter and mat
Sewing machine

 Put t-shirt on your munchkin and decide where you want the waist.
My 2 year old is rather round, so below the belly looks odd, so I went with at the belly button.

 Measure from your waist to the edge of the shirt hem, take note.
Then measure from waist to where you'd like the skirt hem, I did at the knees.

 Place a pin or mark from you waist to hem measurement mark.
 Then mark a line across.
You'll want to cut your ruffle fabric exactly the width of the t-shirt.
The ruffle fabric stretches quite a bit, so it's better to be just a hair under than over.
 You'll need to cut the top of your fabric to be straight, I like to cut in between the stripes.
It will give me 1/2 inch above the top ruffle to work with.
 Flip your last ruffle up and cut below where you need the hem.
ex. My skirt should be 23 by 9, so I cut BELOW 9 inches to get a nice ruffle on the bottom.
 Pin your short sides (right sides) together, taking care to line up the stripes
 and pinning the ruffles down and in place.
Sew a 1/8 seam and leave wrong side out.
Slip over t-shirt with your skirt hem facing up.
 Taking that measurement from hem to waist, pin top of skirt to shirt.
Take care to keep the top ruffle flipped down and not pinning the shirt to itself.
 You'll want to measure and pin as you go.
The ruffle fabric tends to curl after being cut, so space pins close together.
 Line up needle with the line in between stripes.
This will make the top ruffle line up with the shirt with no space.
 Stitch and flip skirt down.
Try on your chubby baby:
 I know the J. Crew as a pocket, but I didn't find a T-shirt with one on it.
Also, my waist is higher due to the roundness of munchkin's belly 
making lower waist lines look odd.

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  1. I did something similar, but made a dress for my baby! I used a 3T shirt (she's one) and lace. I used the lace around the belly (like you did) and then put some around the collar, and then pinned the sleeves up. She looks like a flapper when she's in it! Ha ha ha!