Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First Time {Chairs}

I decided to try recovering some chairs.
Never done it, was a little nervous, but I'm OK with the results.

The chairs I found thrown out on a curb, gross, I know.
I wasn't sure if I even wanted them as 3 had missing pieces.
But low and behold!
A ziploc bag with the missing parts was with them.

 Torn seats, missing pieces, old-ugly wood.

 One small whole that I ghetto patched.
(See below.)

 Missing pieces in the bag.

Here is my ghetto patch.
Using Gorilla tape.
Don't judge me.
I wanted to spend next to nothing on these since they where a first for me.

I hit up Joann's on Memorial Day and scored 3.5 yds of fabric for $14.87
Spray paint, 5 cans (Krylon-Ivory) $4
So= $34.87 to refinish them

I learned a lesson:
You can see it sagging a bunch.:(
It looked tight when they where off.....not sure what happened.
And the spray paint needs some touching up on the cane.
I'll probably take the seats off, stretch the fabric, and touch up paint.

Here is the ghetto repair after:
It isn't too obvious.....right?
Ok, so it is. 
Oh well! 
It was a first attempt!!!!!!

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  1. Excellent find! I've learned that when you re-cover chairs, you have to start by stapling the 4 "middles" of each side then work your way out to the corners. Make them pretty tight but not too tight (or when you sit on them, you may have a rip). AWESOME find on the sidewalk! So jealous!

  2. I think you did great for your first try! I don't think the patch looks bad, no one will even notice it! Great job taking a chance!

  3. Love the details on those chairs! And I would much rather have your "ghetto" repair than a big gaping hole!

  4. This is your first!?! You are a brave woman to tackle these chairs, but you definitely won the battle. I don't think anyone would notice the patch unless it was pointed out. I would not have thought of that solution. A little antiquing in the crevices of "carving" would bring out details. Came over from Miss Mustard Seed.

    Distressed Donna Down Home