Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Can't make up my mind.....

I actually have two of these and they are going to be in the dining room.
I scored them off Craigslist for $15 each!
They had the original plastic still clinging to the underside.
And the tag dates them to a company that closed in the 70s.
So I'm happy with the condition I found them.

I painted the frame, but have yet to do the seat....
We used this chair for the photo shoot last week 
and someone mentioned how they liked the seat the way it was.

Should I cover them?


  1. To me, the color contrast of the new paint with the cushion is almost TOO much. I think a patterned seat, unless you do a cool crackle finish on the chair? I just feel like there isn't enough tying it together... JMO

  2. I like the velvet and i like the color of it too! I think I'd leave the greenish

  3. Velvet does not really go with little "spillers" in the dining room; unless you Scotchguard! I like it!! But then again, I have always been stuck on "BLACK" anything!! Grandma Joy