Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Petal Pillow (Tutorial)

Cute eh? 
I wanted just one more throw pillow.
I've been forbidden from buying more forms.
So to behave, I stole one off the couch in my dance studio.
This is after I stole it.
What can I say? I love pillows.

 I found some yellow wool felt in the remnant bin at Joanns.
And had this cute fabric left from our wedding (years ago) that was slightly stained.
 Note ugly stain. This fabric was used on all the tables...some one spilled.
 We start by cutting out circles, lots of circles.
I found a can of coconut milk was the perfect size to trace.
After cutting out your 10 billion circles (I used up 1 yd.):
 Fold and press them into tiny tacos.
 I then sewed a 6 inch (ish) strip of the wool felt down the middle.
My front piece measured 12.5 by 16.5 for my form that was 12 by 16.
I like a very full pillow!
 Next, start stitching you circles to the middle  strip, sewing down the fold.
Place a few random circles and then start filling in the gaps.
*Be sure to leave space of .5 inches at the top and bottom.*
 Keep sewing!
It helped if you don't stop and snip threads, 
rather just chain-stitch style and snip them all at the end.
 My duvet set has black piping, so I added some to the short sides of my pillow.
I did a simple envelope style case.

And here it is at home on my bed with the big ruffle pillows I made.
The yellows don't match, but I don't care.

Coming soon: A headboard!

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  1. I may have missed it - but did you make your duvet?