Saturday, March 31, 2012

Green Pig Piñata

Was the accent correct? Anyway....

Isn't he cute? 
Here is how to make this cute little guy for $5:

1 rubber ball (outdoor) $2-3
Newspaper (free from junk mail)
flour and water
1 piece of yellow felt $.25
1 roll green crete paper $2

Your paste mixture should be 1 part flour to 5 parts water.
I did 1/4 cup of flour to start and made small batches as I went.

Cut your newspaper into strips about 1.5-2 inches wide.
You'll be dipping your strips into paste and then smoothing onto your ball.
 *WARNING: It gets messy.
 Be sure to overlap your strips slightly.
Be sure to leave a small opening to remove ball from later.

You'll want 5-8 layers of newspaper. 
Let each layer dry almost completely before doing the next.
Allow to dry over night.

 Cut your crete paper into 2 inch squares.
 Apply your first layer as you did the newspaper, smoothing it out.
 For your second layer, only wet the center of each square and press down.
Still overlapping slightly.
Allow ball to completely dry (about4 hours)
Puncture or deflate ball (reuse!) and pull out of hole.
See? Nice and empty.

Now, to cover that hole, cut a crown out of felt and hot glue around hole.
The King Pig wears his crown on the side of his head, not centered.

 For the face: I found a large file of the king pig 
and traced and separated just the nose and eyes.
Hot glued it on.
 With marker, I then added his eyebrows.
And for hanging, I punched two holes and looped a zip tie through.
Note: I would try to have my hanger farther from hole than I did. 
It tore out during the game!

Time for play!
 I made each boy a shirt. Here are their "angry faces".
 Birthday boy giving it a go!
 Right before the hanger got ripped out.
 Ok, so 5 layers was pretty tough....on the bat!
And my silly hubby........

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  1. Thank you for your instructions!! My niece n' I was able to follow your instructions with ease!! Love the pics... here's a link to pics of our party!! Blessings to you n' yours...