Monday, February 27, 2012

Paving Stones

We had an awesome time tonight with our dear neighbors.
We made paving stones!
Evan built the frames and mixed the concrete. (He is a professional!)
Everyone helped with the prepping.
{right} Smoothing it out. {left} filling in before smoothing.
 The kids jumped right in and helped.
 Each frame made 12 stones.
 It was a bit messy! (Please ignore Afton's face paint.)
Evan (our neighbor) helped each kid make an imprint of their foot and/or hand.
I wrote their names and the year. 

They will sit out overnight to dry and then we just pop them out! 
Note: Concrete becomes stronger when wet, so these will soak for 7 days!
This was a great alternative to marking in a driveway or patio.
When we move someday those precious little prints will come along with us! 


  1. That looks very cool, thanks for sharing these pictures. I have been looking at some paving stones to surround most of my backyard with since I have been wanting to update it for quite some time. I have been looking online for some ideas, so I definitely can't wait to get started!