Saturday, February 25, 2012

Maternity Skirt Tutorial

All I had was a photo and measurements. 
My prego friend lived in another state, so fittings were out. 
But I had a mission: A Green Long Flowy Maternity Skirt. 

 I found my fabric in the suiting section at Joanns.
It is 60 in wide fabric and I bought about 4 yards.
Luckily I have a very long table.
 Cut your fabric to the length you like remembering to add 1.5 inches for hemming and seams.
You'll need two panels, the front will be wider than the back.
In total your skirt should be 2 times your waist measurement.
Cut the back panel to be 1/2 your waist measurement plus 7 inches.
You front panel should equal the remaining amount.
ex. Waist was 28 in.
Back panel is 26 inches wide
Front panel will be 30 inches wide
total length of 56 inches.

Serge edges or zig zag and sew down length of panels together,
creating a giant loop.
Hem the bottom edge.

Next you'll need to cut you waist band:

NOTE: If wanting this to be a non-maternity skirt, adjust your waistband and panels to be equal halves. 
Once again, in two pieces with the back piece 1/2 your waist measurement.
Your waist band should be you 1.5 times your waist measurement.
ex. Waist was 28 in.
Back piece will be 19 inches
Front piece will be 28 inches
for a total of  47 inches. 
*Pieces should be 8 inches wide.
The pictured measurements do NOT match the example math. 
Fold each waist band piece in half, press.
Then fold in 1 inch along the length, both sides, and press. 
Fold closed and press again.
On your BACK piece: Measure 3 inches in from the edge and mark.
Do this on ONE side of waist band, both edges. 
 Open pieces and sew (right sides together) down short side.
Turn and fold in half again. 
You now have your almost completed waistband.
At this point you'll want to sew a channel from button hole to button hole.
I waited and did it at the very end, wouldn't recommend it.

Now it is time to attach your skirt.
You will be sandwiching your skirt inside the folded waistband.
Make sure you have about 1 inch of skirt tucked inside waistband.
Line up your seams first. 
On back: make one pleat 3 inches from seam on both sides.
Tuck and pin remaining skirt, flip over to do the front.

Find the center of your skirt and waistband, tuck and pin.
Working from the center, create pleats every 2-3 inches.
Pleats to the left of your center should tuck opposite of pleats to the right.
Be sure to pin both sides of the tuck and that fabric is sandwiched
into the waistband on both sides.
Pleat all the way across the front.

Sew as close to the edge of the waistband as you can.

You are almost finished! 
Now to add the elastic.
 You will need button hole elastic and two buttons.
I made my own fabric covered buttons.
Sew one button next to each button hole. 
 Cut your elastic to the length between button holes.
Feed through channel and secure elastic around button hole at your desired position.
(Try it on and pull until it is tight, then secure.)
And you're done!
Mission: Accomplished.


  1. So cute!! I want one for myself! (Non maternity version, of course) :)

    1. Thanks Leslie! It was a super easy sew and I think it would be darling as a non-maternity. :) The fabric was a dream to sew!

  2. LOVE it! I need to make one of these. :D