Wednesday, November 9, 2011

easy peasy glitter pumpkin

hey ladies!

last night was my ward's Relief Society dinner and i (in a cloud of insanity) signed up to decorate a table.  decorating is not my strong suit.  so i gathered together all of my "fall" decorations, consisting of a wood block saying (HARVEST with a pumpkin for the A), 2 wood pumpkins with a cut out and stuffed fabric in the centers (coming apart as i purchased them in the first year i was married) and snagged this pumpkin that has been sitting on the back porch for a few weeks.  i wasn't sure how i was going to pull it all together to make something cute, but at least i had "stuff."

i decided the pumpkin needed something more and this is what i came up with 10 minutes before i needed to leave.

pumpkin.  aerosol hairspray.  loose glitter.

STEP 1.  spray your pumpkin with hairspray
STEP 2.  sprinkle glitter all over


easy as that!  and you could do it on anything really for any holiday.  i was going to use spray adhesive, but figured hairspray would dry quicker.  and it totally did!  it was perfect and just what i was looking for!  you could even use glitter spray paint if you had that!  or even paint it with watered down glue and then sprinkle the glitter.  it would just take a bit longer to dry is all. :)

enjoy!  let's see some pictures if you try this out, eh??  ;)

**no i did not take a picture of the table after i decorated it because frankly, it was hideous, but the glitter pumpkin was pretty.  :)**

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  1. Awesome! I'm gonna have to do that for thanksgiving.