Monday, October 3, 2011

well hey there!

my name's LESLIE and i dislike using caps unless i'm SERIOUS.  ;)  really, it's just because i'm too lazy to reach my pinky finger over to press the shift button.  what can i say? (of course ?s and !s are no trouble, right?)  ha!

i've got lots of things to post on here if only my dang dslr would upload my pictures to the computer!  blah.  until then, this is what was on my little point-and-shoot from our activities last night... a surprise 70th birthday party for my oh-so-sweet father in law.  :)

 my best friend, Melissa, (and her striking husband, haha) helped me out a ton!

 the birthday boy and my sister-in-law/partner in crime

 the birthday cake (that we have yet to eat)
same as those awesome looking tarts right below

my little turkey
so pretty ;)
this pretty much sums up how i felt after a month of planning all this craziness!!
and it was absolutely worth every bit of it!

i gotta run my turkey to school (she'll be late, as usual) :)
see ya back here soon!!

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