Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No Telly on Skelly

In my search for awesome things, I came across this interesting project. Nothing like a sock skeleton to warm the cockles of your heart...
So, here is a play-by-play of how I constructed mine.
First, lay out your socks just so... Then cut just so...

And so...(sew? hehehe!)

And some more....

AND more... (this is the top of the sock. You just cut this in half)

And keep on just cutting the heart and soul out of the poor sock.

And keep on cutting. (This is the body of the sock, which you cut in two, then in two again)

Some more cutting.

Yet more...

AND yet some more yet cutting yet.

Now the fun part! Sew on some button eyes (Black on bottom, white on top, sew with black thread, or black embroidery floss).

Then stuff that sucker.

And then sew his legs closed, making sure to keep the two leg openings open, to stuff the legs.

BEHOLD! The stuffed leg!

Then, depending on how big you want the head, tie off the top part of the sock skeleton with floss or thread, and knot it tightly. I went around a few times, because, honestly, my kids could somehow manage to dismantle a tank.

Then, pinch the cheeks together, and poke your needle through, to give him a nice pucker.

Follow same idea, and pinch his body to make some ribs.

Hungry, fella?

Next, sew either by hand or machine the two parts you cut of the top part of the sock, and attach to the legs of Skelly (this will all make sense if you look at the original pattern...I'm just doing this because I am bored.)

Next you take the arm pieces (you should have four of those), and sew them individually first, stuff them, then sew them together. Like-a so...

Then attach to the body where arms go. Unless you feel like giving Skelly four legs, which I actually considered.

Then I sewed the area where his hips should be so the little guy could actually sit.

So here they are!

"Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil"...or something.

My kids love these. Eden spent the better part of the afternoon chewing on one of their eyeballs.


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  1. Lol! I love it and am looking forward to trying it out :)